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Palestine Olive Tree

As the age-old saying goes give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day but give him a net and he can support his family for generations to come. That is exactly the ethos that we take here at Salam Charity. We are constantly searching new methods of community development to help people escape the vicious cycle of poverty once and for all.

In the shade of the Olive Tree…

Olives are a major source of income for countries in the middle east and some of the best olives can be found growing in Palestine. The olive tree is a symbol of hope for these people as it will give them the chance to lead themselves out of hardship without the need for handouts.

We have invested in 2 Olive farms in Palestine to help the people grow these life-giving fruits and lead themselves and their families out of poverty with confidence. Already, we have planted hundreds of trees with space to plant thousands more. Each tree represents the hardship of the Palestinian people and their road to freedom.

Thank you…

Thanks to your invaluable support we have managed to plant over 200 trees in Gaza. These trees will grow to generate income for several families helping them to look to the future without the threat of poverty looming over them.

It will take around 3-5 years for the trees to produce fruit and each tree will generally produce 4-5 litre of oil per year. Thanks to you, our families now have a future to look forward to.

The fight goes on…

Thanks to you we have managed to help a number of families, but the fight still goes on. Thousands more families are on the waiting list to receive trees, that’s why we need your help. Please do what you can for the Paletinian people. Click here to find out more about our life saving olive tree project in Palestine.

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