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The TukTuk self employment project

We’re renting out tuktuks to young people in Lebanon – giving them a valuable source of income in a country where unemployment has reached 40%.

Why is it needed?

In the last two years, inflation in Lebanon (which used to average at 18%) has soared to 160%. In real terms this means that the cost of basics like food, water and fuel has nearly quadrupled. Businesses have suffered, and unemployment has increased. If we want to help communities to recover, opportunities for work and income are necessary.

That’s why, in September 2021, Salam Charity launched an innovative micro-financing project.

Tuktuks to the rescue

Designed to create sustainable jobs for unemployed Lebanese and Syrian youth, the TukTuk Project has given people in Beqaa Valley their own tuktuk on a 1-year hire-purchase.

As they start their own business, each beneficiary is given support from a local mentor so that they can develop skills to keep going (or look for other opportunities). Their income will be higher than the national average and, at the end of the year, they will own their tuktuk.

Help us to help them

So far, we’ve rented out 5 tuktuks – and we want to buy another 45! We’ve seen this idea take off in Lebanon, helping to reduce unemployment and provide confidence to young people whose prospects were poor. We’re also helping to regenerate the local economy – contributing to real change in Lebanon.

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