Beirut Explosion
Our work


Beirut Explosion

Type of campaign

Emergency Response – Empowerment projects – Sponsorship program – Shelter Rehabilitation

Regions covered

Lebanon – Beqaa / Arsal / Tripoli / Akaar

Projects undertaken

Sustainability projects – TukTuk project – Plastic Recycling – Woodwork & carpentry Emergency Response – Winter emergency aid – Tent rehabilitation – Emergency medical operations – Rent arrears and debt payments – Emergency Relocation of families - Family / Orphan Sponsorships - Annual sponsorship of families and orphans.

Campaign objective

To serve communities suffering from the economic crisis, cost of living crisis, refugee crisis and after-effects of the Beirut bomb blast.


Lebanese / Syrian / Palestinian vulnerable families


Seasons ( Winter / Ramadhan / Summer & Spring)


Community fundraising & Volunteer recruitment

Why we've funded this campaign

In Lebanon, the ongoing need for support is increasing every day. Natural disasters, continued political turmoil, and the snowballing economic crisis have caused widespread suffering. Millions of people are fully dependent on support and handouts. We’re in a position to reach out and help thousands of people to live better lives, saving them from death, destruction and starvation.


What is the objective?

We want to help as many people as possible fight through some of the most difficult conditions and situations that they face. Together we can and are making a difference and we will be able to ensure that many people live to fight another day.

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Who does this campaign help?

The campaign spreads awareness to those around the world who might not know the extent of the suffering in Lebanon. It also encourages people to get involved and volunteer with us on the ground, helping us to make more of an impact. Most importantly, it allows us to raise much-needed funds which are used to make a difference and help change lives.

How has the campaign been going?

It has been very successful and we are increasing the number of deployments as a result of the interest in our campaign. The aim is to continue to raise awareness about our Lebanon campaign and to set up sustainable projects that will allow the work to continue even when it is difficult to get more community donations.

Did the campaign encounter any obstacles?

The ongoing economic crisis and the increasing cost of everything in the country means that the price handles for our projects are always fluctuating and changing. Sometimes the security situation on the ground means that travel is put on hold and some of the projects cannot go as planned.

How has this campaign changed lives?

Our flagship bakery in Beqaa currently provides more than 10,000 free packs of bread each month.

In 2022 we supplied 15 TukTuks between January and June, creating vital opportunities for unemployed young people.

During the winter of 2021/22 we rehabilitated almost 50 tents for families living in refugee camps.

What’s next for this campaign?

We plan to refine our current projects and create many more life-changing projects that will help alleviate communities from poverty and suffering, giving people the tools to be able to fend for themselves.

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