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Yemen food distribution

YEMEN: A country in crisis

Yemen is the most food insecure country in the Arab world and is amongst the top 10 least food secure countries globally. The 2014 Global Hunger Index ranks Yemen 73 out of 81 countries analysed, indicating an “alarming” stage of food insecurity. Nevertheless, the 2014 Global Hunger Index was based on data extracted from previous years and does not take into consideration the impact of the 2015 Coalition war under the leadership of Saudi Arabia.

You made a real difference

Thanks to your kind donations and continuous support we were able to distribute much needed food parcels to the destitute people of Yemen. The area of Taiz has seen continuous fighting and it is the innocent civilians that suffer the most. We were able to get into the area with our longstanding partners who have been on the ground since before the conflict began, and distribute life saving food which was enough to feed almost 1000 individuals.

We helped 200 families living in the worst conditions with children suffering from acute malnutrition and provide them with culturally sensitive food packs that fed them for over a month. Each packed contained rice, pasta, oil, sugar, flour amongst other vital essentials.

The fight goes on…

With no end in sight for the conflict in Yemen, the need to help the civilians trapped in this deadly war is greater than ever. People fear for their lives as devastation rains down on them with no escape. Please give what you can and we can continue to help the people of Yemen.

Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States